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A little bit about me.

Welcome, I'm so glad you're here!

Hi! My name is Shelby, and I’m a senior at Auburn University studying public relations and business. Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, I’ve always felt at home in a southern city. Growing up in the South I learned my yes ma’am and no sirs at an early age. The lessons on politeness that were instilled in me so young are still some of my most cherished values. My family of four is everything I could have asked for. At the age of two my parents blessed me with a baby brother who is still one of my very best friends, and my life-long side-kick. From my father I learned the value of hard work, to have a tender heart and to have a spirit that is unashamed. My mother taught me to be independent, to chase my dreams and to stay true to myself, even in times when it may be difficult.

In 2012 I made a huge decision that will forever impact the person I am- I chose to attend Auburn University. This decision is still one that I stand by, and I owe my time at Auburn for helping mold me into the woman I always wanted to become. I truly have come a long way since being the girl that received “needs improvement” remarks in elementary school for talking too much. I have learned to channel my love for building relationships with others into a career path that I cannot wait to pursue. I am passionate about communication, writing and solving problems through creativity, and I’m a firm believer that continuous learning and improvement is what it’s all about.

These days you can find me obsessing over anything pop culture or entertainment, spending most of my free time on YouTube, and if you hand me an ice-cold Diet Coke, I’m bound to be the happiest girl in the room.

A few things that make me complete:

Thai food | Bubble baths | A good bonfire | Bookstores | Lemon water | DIY crafts | One Tree Hill | The first nights of fall